On Location Shoot

This photo I took for my on location project. I was shooting at a softball park. At first it was with color but then I like it more when I change the photo into B/W. Comments is welcome here for this photo.


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Beer Once More

This is the final photo I did for Spirits, Beer, and Wine week after the critique that my teacher give me imput on the Photo.

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This photo I did for my school project spirits,beer, and wine week. This photo is the one I choose to turned in for critique.

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New Images to come!!!

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There will be new photos project to come in the upcoming month.


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Glass Technical

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Glass is just like metal. It have reflection when light is shine one it. Glass assignment for me is just like the metal assignment. I find it very easy and hard at the same time. But once I get the trick to it I was very confident to shoot the glass assignment. It all about how the light is set up and how to define the glass. I started with a wine glass and set up the lighting from the background. At first the light is too bright for the glass so I turned the power of the strobe down. I then define the right and left side of the glass by setting up two black cards beside the wine glass. I also put a third black card on top of the glass to define the top part of the glass as well. It not that easy for me to define the wine glass shape like I wanted. I have to try a lot of times to get it right. I happy with the photo that I taken for the assignment. Below is the photo for the glass assignment.


Tony Cordoza is a commercial photographer. His lighting and camera techniques one of the best out there today. His still-life photo is very captivating and it show dynamic style. He work on all kinds of commercial products. From shoes to all kinds of glass objects like wine glass. His photos show all kind of details and and his way of handling light is very clean. His photos can tell us that he put a lot of attention to both lighting set-up and details in his works. By far he is one of the best photographer out there that anyone would like to work with. Below is one of his many photos.